Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Customer Service? I think not

You know what I deplore, shitty customer service representatives.

So, I put in an order for more checks last week. I got all of the information together as soon as I could and I e-mailed them to our CSR to have it taken care of. I must have e-mailed her like 5 times regarding the whereabouts of my order. THEN FINALLY she decides to e-mail me back on Wednesday this week thinking that she had already e-mailed me a response last week…. and of course she hadn’t. Upon receiving her e-mail I made just a couple of quick changes to her mock-up and sent it back to her right away. I fully expected a response by the end of my work day or hers… at the very least.

I got NO response. Then, I tried to call her today, twice. When she finally answered the phone, our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi Nancy this is Kellie from CEI! How are you today?

Her: *pause*

Her: I’m fine. How are you?

Me: Great! Did you get my message regarding our order?

Her: No. I don’t think so. When did you send it?

Me: About a half an hour to 45 minutes ago….

Her: Ohhh well, I am on my lunch break but I am not taking a lunch today, so I didn’t check my messages.

Me: *pause* Okaaay. (Thinking: What the fuck?)

Me: Well, can you tell me the status of my order? It’s urgent and we need to get it filled quickly.

Her: Uhhhhh (she says this distractedly I might add. She was probably playing solitaire)

Her: Uhhhh I’m not sure. I’ll e-mail you or call you sometime today with the status.

Me: Okay...

Her: Bye.

Now, I really felt like I was being TOOO nice. I had always thought that you catch more flies with honey, but I regress… I guess sometimes you need to stick a foot in someone’s ass. If she doesn’t call by 4, my foot will surely come out.

I hate the fact that you can’t trust anyone to actually DO their job anymore. It’s like you have to constantly hound them with the results. What sucks even more, is that if they aren’t doing their job… they make you out to be the ass of the day because your boss is hounding you because they aren’t doing THEIR JOB. So in short, the middle man always gets fucked.

So here I sit, staring at the phone, waiting for her to call.

I ask you, whatever happened to people just DOING THEIR JOB? Why is it that everyone has this overwhelming sense of entitlement nowadays but they don’t put the effort in to earn whatever it is they feel entitled to?

It's 10 minutes to 3 now and my foot is starting to itch.


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