Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And the week goes on...

Mark another hellish week on the calendar. Things are not going so well at work. Things are going so badly that I have actually started to job-hunt.

Nothing is going well here and people are treating me as though I had been diagnosed with leprosy. Of course, they are still angry that I missed 2 days last week. Let them be angry.

Naturally, I have been gorging myself with unhealthy foods in light of the recent situation here at work. I would love to blog about how it feels to be 2 lbs thinner but that just is not going to happen this week. I am probably 2 lbs heavier.

On a positive note, at home, I have learned to squelch my cravings by keeping my mind and hands occupied with other things. While the kids keep me occupied to an extent, I have added cleaning and straightening to my list of “things to do”. Not that cleaning and straightening were kicked off the list to begin with, just a simple re-organization of thoughts.

Productivity at home makes for a happy person on the inside.

Now, I need figure out a way to combat the annoying feelings of worthlessness and anger at work. This seems to be one of my bigger hurdles at this time. I need to find something productive to do to keep me from stuffing my face with McDonalds or Wendys. I realize that this is not a hunger impulse because yesterday I wasn’t even feeling hungry when I bought lunch. I was hitting the FF (fast food) for reasons other than hunger. Mostly I did this out of boredom and routine I think. Feeding my face also helped to pacify the feelings I have about my current situation.

Getting healthier and losing weight is not an easy task. Many emotions and bad habits have built up over the years making it a difficult goal at best. However, I realize that I am not the only person who struggles with this and so I know that losing weight even under these circumstances is not impossible just challenging.

We all have our crosses to bear, right?

Until Next Time,

The Angry Fat Woman


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